Drill pipes


DTH Drill pipe diameter: 70-340mm    
DTH Drill pipe length: 1-6M  
DTH Drill pipe wall thickness: 6-25mm
DTH Drill pipe thread: API REG, IF, BECO                 


  • DTH Drill pipe is made of high quality material detected by spectrograph, impact and tension test.
  • With fully digitized processing line introduced from Japan with integral heat treatment equipment
  • Anti adhesion thread with nitrogen treatment on surface make it easier for handling.
  • Metallography detection, hardness test, magnaflux inspection, ultrasonic flaw detection, tensile test and impact test ensure products quality.



Quality Warranty:

Spectral analysis

Impact test

Tensile test

Magnaflux inspection

Ultrasonic flaw detection

Hardness test

Hardness test

Metallography detection

Metallography detection