DTH drilling tools

Down the hole drilling is a kind of big diameter borehole drilling by extending the impacting power to the bottom of the hole. With high straightness, clean hole wall, good rigidity of drill pipe and hammer, without high axial thrust, no restriction of drilling depth and low cost, DTH drilling tools are widely used in open-pit mining, hydropower, infrastructure, and geothermal wells
Down the hole hammer and bits(1.5-2.5MPa) Working air pressure over 1.4Mpa, high pressure DTH drilling tools are widely used in surface drilling, geothermal wells and infrastructure with its advantage for big hole drilling, high depth and fast drilling speed,
Down the hole hammer and bits(0.4-0.7MPaDown the hole hammer and bits(0.4-0.7MPa)Working air pressure under 1.7Mpa, low pressure DTH drilling tools are widely used in small mines, anchor drilling and infrastructure with its advantage of simple operation & maintenance and low cost.
Drill pipes With passing the propelling effort and torsion to the hammer, high pressure drilling works by extending the drill pipe into the hammer for rock breaking.
Adapotor Adaptor is used for connecting and transforming different threads, male and female threads.
Overburden drilling Overburden drilling works by drilling the hole with pressing in or rotating in a drill pipe, this kind of drilling prevents hole collapsing and sand blocking. With 100% of hole forming, it is suitable for drilling in unconsolidated formation, sand formation and fragmented rock as well as advanced supporting projects.
Reverse circulation drilling With the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection and good quality holes, reverse circulation drilling is used in cracked and crumbly rock drilling as well as shallow-hole core drilling.