Thread drilling tools

Working with hydraulic drill rig, widely used in tunneling, mining and construction field because of high drilling efficiency, safety and environmental protection.
Thread button bits  Under the condition of high frequency, powerful impacting and rapid rotation, threaded button bit directly works on the rock. So 
Extension&Drifting Rods Transmit the impacting power and torque from shank to bit, the lifespan depends on the material, thread processing and heat-treatment.
Shank adaptors Directly connecting the hydraulic drill rig, the shank’s quality directly affects the life-span of drill rig. 
Coupling sleeve It is the part connecting shank and rod, rod and rod. The processing of thread affects the losses of power transmission.
Reaming bits  When it is hard to meet the requirements under the single-time drilling, it is used to drill the hole at second time, commonly applying to drill center hole of drifting  .