Top hammer drilling tools

Top hammer drilling tools include four parts: bit, rod, shank and sleeve. The piston of drill rig directly impacts the shank, makes impact power reach the bit through rod by the form of stress wave, so as to work on the breakage of rock. The primary breaking way is impacting while the secondary is cutting; both are with high drilling efficiency. Force complexity of top hammer drilling tools is superior to other drilling ways, requiring top quality rock tools. Normally, the depth of borehole of top hammer drilling is smaller or equal to 35m while diameter of borehole is smaller or equal to 152mm.
Thread drilling tools Working with hydraulic drill rig, widely used in tunneling, mining and construction field because of high drilling efficiency, safety and environmental protection.
Tapered drilling toolsWorking with various kinds of hand-held and pneumatic rock drills, bit and rod are separated and connected by taper degree, which is easy to replace. Due to the efficient decreasement of drilling cost, it is one of the major drilling tools.
Integral Drill Rods Integral rod is a whole integration of drilling tools combining bit, rod and shank adaptor, it efficiently reduces losses of impacting power and improves the speed and efficiency of drilling.
Plug hole rodsPlug hole rod is widely used in quarrying industry for small hole drilling. Because it combines bit and rod together, drilling efficiency has been largely improved while avoided the waste of resource.
Paving breaker toolsWorking with paving breaker, they are mainly used for pavement breaking, superficial breaking, secondary breaking, etc.
Taphole drill toolsWorking with taphole drill rig, tapping the furnace taphole to release the molten iron. .
Self drilling anchor bolts Self drilling anchor bolt is a kind of bolt combining drilling and anchoring. The length of steel body is flexible with the feature of adjunction and extension. It is widely used in projects like railway, tunnel, mine, hydro junction, side slope, the base of high-rise building, building reinforcement and so on. The anchoring effect is irreplaceable, especially easily working under narrow environment.