JSI Rock Tools has been successfully reviewed as National High-tech Enterprise

     According to the "National high-tech enterprise management approach(Torch R&D Center No. 172(2008))", "guidelines for the management of National high-tech enterprises (Torch R&D Center No. 362  (2008))" given by Department of science and technology, Ministry of finance and National tax administration, as well as " Notice of the relevant matters concerning the work of the National high - tech enterprises and recognition of the record in the batch and the year of the record in the management work(Torch R&D Center [2014]81)" of the National high-tech enterprises identification & management office, Guiyang Jiesheng Tech-Ind Development Co. Ltd  has passed the review of National high-tech enterprises after the strict examination by experts and Guizhou National high-tech enterprises identification & management leading group. The New certificates will be issued in the next few days.

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