JSI was awarded the High- and New-Technology Enterprises of Gui Zhou province

High- and New-Technology Enterprises must be a resident enterprise that has been registered in China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) for at least one year, which innovate and persist on converting technical achievement into practices in the area strongly supported by the states so that form enterprise’s core proprietary intellectual property and manage on the basis of it. It is a knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive economic entity.
  Main standards to approve High- and New-Technology Enterprises are as follows:
1. Have one patent or at least six new practical patents.
2. Company’s turnover or revenue must achieve 30% growth for the last three accounting years constantly.
3. R & D investment must not be less than 6% of company’s revenue
4. Current-year income from high- and new-technology products (services) is at least 60 percent of the total revenue of the enterprise.

JSI can be awarded the High- and New-Technology Enterprise; it is not only recognition for our efforts in persisting on technical invention but also an encouragement for more investment to our product development. We are confident that we can do better!