Top hammer drilling tools Top hammer drilling tools include four parts: bit, rod, shank and sleeve. The piston of drill rig directly impacts the shank, makes impact power reach the bit through rod by the form of stress wave, so as to work on the breakage of rock. The primary breaking way is impacting while the secondary is cutting; both are with high drilling efficiency. Force complexity of top hammer drilling tools is superior to other drilling ways, requiring top quality rock tools. Normally, the depth of borehole of top hammer drilling is smaller or equal to 35m while diameter of borehole is smaller or equal to 152mm.
Down the hole drilling tools Down the hole drilling is a kind of big diameter borehole drilling by extending the impacting power to the bottom of the hole. With high straightness, clean hole wall, good rigidity of drill pipe and hammer, without high axial thrust, no restriction of drilling depth and low cost, DTH drilling tools are widely used in open-pit mining, hydropower, infrastructure, and geothermal wells.
Rotary drilling tools Depending on the propelling pressure and torque provided by dill rig, the rotary drilling tools drill holes by crushing, cutting and grinding. They are widely used in large open - pit mines, geothermal well, medium to large holes foundation pile, soft soil construction, geological exploration and oil drilling applications with the features of smooth drilling, various way of deslagging, big drilling hole and deep drilling depth.
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