Research and development


1. Outstanding R & D capability

JSI pays more attention to R&D since 1996 and is

in the leading position on the prospective study,

design and processing technology of rock drilling

tools in China. JSI has its own R&D team and lab-

oratory which made many achievements especially

research of raw materials, strengthening and toug-

hening of bit body, hot press inserting technology

of button bits, design of rock drilling tools etc.

By the time of 2010, JSI has 2 Proprietary techno-

logies and 7 patented product. And the standard of

“Button bit with new threads” issued as the industry

standard and  authorized by China National Standards

Institute, JSI is the first author of this standard.

2. Rapid response and flexible manufacturing syste

JSI has a complete system of R&D, production and

service, which provides customer an integrated

solution including R&D, lean production, timely

delivery and shipment tracking service. In order

to meet requirements of customers on faster delivery

and more stable quality, JSI established a CNC prod-

uction line in 2011, which will promote quality and

production capacity upto a higher level.